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Thursday, Sep 11 2014 | 12:30
Image: 1591095 Pyramid Vritra presents a regal 7-track record, featuring a different angle from the experimental sound of his debut album Indra on Stones Throw. Palace is a concept record with "the palace" symbolising a corridor of music – a wall of sound. Each track in the Palace is a different room, all fitting together, filling the halls and painting this regal estate with sound. Pyramid Vritra's main goal was to shift the attention from the beats and focus on the storytelling in the vocals.

Pyramid Vritra gives us a breakdown of each track:

"Black Belts it started off as random track I did with Pyramid Quince from NRK (collective Nobody Really Knows) in February. It didn't fit his album, didn't fit the NRK compilation and was just floating around, unused – but It was tight. 224was made with Briss when I lived in Long Beach around the time we performed together at SXSW. Although the verse is short, it still delivers what it needs. Retrograde was made sometime early 2013, maybe even before that. Tyler Major from NRK is my brother and this beat of his is one of my all time favourites because it was inspired by D'Angelo, Voodoo era. He captured that vibe without sampling the record. I'm so glad I saved it for this long. Track 3 was in a bunch of tracks Knxw ledge sent me after we linked up after SXSW. We met for the for the first time in Texas and we just clicked.Howlonghaveubeenthatway is a sequel to 'Time' from my self-titled project a few years back. I also produced the title track Palace and the closing track 'Fervor' myself."

Recorded and produced in Pyramid Vritra's bedroom. Artwork designed by Pyramid Vritra.
Available from 22.08.2014
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