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Friday, Sep 05 2014 | 00:31
Image: 1590462 Please note significant price increase! “F.I.C” is an initiative by Darker Than Wax (Singapore) and Cascade
Records (France), independent labels from different continents have come
together to present a very special and heartfelt project.
This LP marks a milestone, besides being an exclusive collaboration
between the labels - it also features a conglomerate of many different
artistes from all over the world.
Resonating with the covert ideology and movement within the creative
independent sphere in the two Metropolitan cities of Singapore and Paris -
both spearheaded by dedicated locals who push to develop the alternative,
forward thinking culture within their respective cities, while inadvertently
appealing and reaching out to international talents and fans.
With stalwarts from the likes of Amin Payne (Australia), OhBliv (USA),
ILL SUGI (Japan), Samuel Truth (New Zealand), Milo Mills (Austria),
Trian Kayhatu (Holland), Monk (France), .. and founders of Darker Than
Wax, Cosa Nostra (Singapore) - this release speaks great volumes that yield
an amazing experience.
While genres are disparate - hiphop, future beats, deep house etc.. - the
creative concept isn’t. From the minor details of thoughts put into it, to the
artistes’ passion and competence, every single contribution is accounted
for into making this a really special affair.
“Feelings in Colour” is the thread that weaves the music into the movement-
cut from the same cloth. We truly hope you enjoy listening, as much as we
did putting this together.

1. Amin Payne - Connected Ft. K-Saba
2. Bugseed - Inner City Blues
3. Sir Froderick - You
4. Fitz Ambro$e - Etzout

5. Ohbliv - Need You Klose
6. Repeat Pattern - Y’all Humans
7. Ill Sugi - BUBA
8. Zo aka La Chauve-souris - 40 Degreez

9. Cosa Nostra - Get Closer
10. Maxx Mortimer - Don’t Hesitate
11. Koetry - Somebody
12. Milo Mills - I Need You

13. Philippe Edison x Professa - E=MC2
14. Trian Kayhatu - Beats For B
15. Samuel Truth - Let You Go
16. Monk - Chill
17. Wayvee - 7.Thirty
Available from 15.08.2014
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