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Thursday, Aug 28 2014 | 12:30
Image: 1589783 A – Airport Of Love (Joakim Remix)
B – Airport Of Love (Freedarich Remix)

Finally the time has come! After a long 6-year wait the third edition of the
popular “Computer Incarnations For World Peace” series is due to
release very soon. The idle time will be rewarded with a bunch of stunners:
Tracks by Georges Rodi & Dave Sarkys, Brenda & The Beach Balls and
Anna Domino will be featured on the compilation selected by Sonar
Kollektiv-A&R-Manager Alex Barck. Of which more later, when the release
is ready. To start with, an outright highlight of this set is gonna come out as
a pre-release 12inch including two contemporary reinterpretations.
“Airport of Love” by Love International came out in 1981 on Polydor
France as the flipside of “Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk)” and
was back then most notably a huge club and radio hit in Italy. In the
meantime the song has risen to become a Cosmic Disco classic and can
be found in the record bags of every DJ that likes to play a bit more eclectic
and leftfieldish.
Behind the project “Love International” were the two french guys Phillipe
Chany and Philippe Kootchey, who – despite the considerable success –
only produced this single track together. Chany has been a busy bee as a
producer up to this very day, achieving worldwide success together with
Caroline Loeb („C'est La Ouate“ was Number One in 17 countries in
1986), helping Jean-Paul Gaultier to start his own career in music and
being a well respected solo artist and composer of film music with a
remarkable output.
When deciding which remixer should have a go at “Airport of Love” Sonar
Kollektiv consequently chose a Frenchman. Joakim is probably even one
of those producers, who shaped the club sounds of France like no other
over the last 15 years. His love for throttled, spooky voices come to full
bloom again on his reinterpretation of “Airport Of Love”. You also get the
typical, crisp Joakim sound, which still sounds as fresh as back then when
he remixed Max Berlin's “Elle Et Moi”, 16 years after its initial release, to
become a worldwide club hit. On the digital release Joakim provides a “Slow
version” which doesn't goes down to the nitty-gritty as hefty as the club mix–
but is ecstatic nonetheless with the added cheers and chants.
Not as long in the business as Joakim is Freedarich from Berlin. But it’s
here where the 30- year old producer learned how to make music that will
bring a jam-packed dance floor to boil. His remix is a proper early morning
anthem with euphoric synth chords and the prolonged chorus saved until
last. He as well delivered a slow version for the digital release which is
aligned a bit more with the original, but still is as cranky and well-hung as
only music from 2014 sounds like. Available from 08.08.2014
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