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Friday, Jun 20 2014 | 00:30
Image: 1589255 These are genre-defying tracks of immense power, depth, and detail, steeped in sound system mythologies while staking a claim to a piece of the unwritten future. This is a sonic world where dub effects feel sentient - echoes and reverbs spin DNA through their chains, creating alien flora and fauna as they go. Studio kinda cloudy, yes, with strange gasses and vapor suffusing the herb smoke.

"Nubian Dub" is a stripped, anthemic 140-dub tune that pummels with space and rocks with spectral energies. A rough dubplate mix of the track circulated amongst a lucky few last year. Lost for a time in a badman version excursion, Alter Echo emerged and the finished mix is now ready to reveal. A haunting oud figure floats above the bedrock of a massive half-step riddim, while shards of percussion, voice, test tone, and effects that seem to breathe swirl in the space between them.

"Warning Dub"'s bunker-busting riddim is dragged along by a mutant Jammy-style baseline that lurches and blasts into unheard territories, parting thick, alien atmospheres with relentless fader-rocking forward motion. Fevered cyborg consciousness, half-mulched sound-system tapes, desert flutes, and strange feral things just out of sight. Warning is both an existential reminder that in this life "anything can happen" and a classic soundboy-challenge to any that might try to test this behemoth of a sound. Available from 30.05.2014
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