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Thursday, May 29 2014 | 21:30
Image: 1588119 Part of the Rare Mod Series Acid Jazz present the long lost concept album Three Ages Of Man, from cult UK group Satisfaction. Whilst poruing though twenty or so unmarked reel-toreel tapes.

Derek Griffiths, formerly The Artwoods, one of the most revered and in fact the highest paid 60s band, Art Woods brother is Ronnie of The Rolling Stones (cf. a big deal). Derek and Rich Searle (Acid Jazz) came across a red tape box… Artist - Satisfaction. Date - 28.4.71. ‘A jazz-rock album,’ Derek explained, ‘a cross between Blood Sweat And Tears and early Chicago but without organ. Hammond organ smothers the horns.’ The studio engineer carefully cued up the forty-year-old quarterinch tape and pressed play. As we listened, arms goosed, neck hair bristled, we fell silent, it was a trip. Derek endeavoured to shed more light. ‘It’s a concept album, written on the road about the road. This album is a lost gem, a forgotten chapter from the British Rock Chronicles, a diamond in the rough. Three Ages Of Man marks the three influences fused within the group’s musical DNA. Strong and inventive jazz arrangements, a horn section at its creative peak. The acoustic testament of melodic song writing, hearts rinsed from the treadmill of touring. And finally, a solid rock ’n’ roll foundation that betrays the early blues roots of its players. This album is a journey that ends where it begins, tour madness, ecstatic melancholy and the soaring highs that thrill and counter the heady abstractions and repetition of life on the road. A lost concept album, from the combined talents of some of Britain’s most influential R&B musicians, might arguably elevate that cardboard box to Holy Grail status. - Part of the Rare Mod Series

- Formed from the ashes of The Mike Cotton Sound & the Artwoods.
- Signed to Decca in 1971
- Members later joined Deep Purple (John Lord).
- Art Wood’s brother is Ronnie of The Rolling Stones.
- “Rooted in the bands jazz & blues heritage… plus lengthy hard rock workouts and solo acoustic pieces” (Shindig)

!. My Fixation
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. House Of The Rising Sun
4. Three Ages Of Man
(vinyl split)
5. Don’t Rag The Lady
6. One Man Band
7. Liar Liar
8. Hotel
9. My Fixation – Reprise

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