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Tuesday, May 13 2014 | 11:49 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Kabale Und LiebeWhile Amsterdam is rising to fame as a hotbed for young techno talent, one of its greatest new ambassadors is gaining grounds accordingly. Not only has Kabale und Liebe – amongst other smashing releases – produced one of the greatest clubhits of the decade. He is currently sweeping dancefloors across Europe with his compelling live and dj performances. Blending the old with the new and the minimalistic with the soulful, Kabale und Liebe has created a sound that appeals to technofreaks and househeads alike, his growing popularity marking a new era of approach between the two scenes.

Kabale und Liebe – or Liron van Daalen, as his parents dubbed him – is exemplary of a new school generation, that studied electronic music and production techniques since early childhood, reaching musical adolescence in their teens. At the tender age of twelve, Kabale und Liebe already dreamed of being a professional dj, spending most of his time and all of his allowance on gear and vinyl. During his teens, he played frequently at clubs across the Netherlands. When he debuted as a producer at age twenty-three, he already had the experience and the record collection of a seasoned jock, and a musical taste as ripe as a piece of old Dutch cheese.

Only a year after his first releases on Meerestief and Archipel, Kabale und Liebe had his first big hit with Mumbling Yeah. It shot up the charts in 2007. Resident Advisor even voted Mumbling Yeah ‘track of the year’. That same year Kabale und Liebe joined forces with Quazar, Lauhaus, Boris Werner, Julien Chaptal and David Labeij to bring Amsterdam 661, a super group live formation made up of Holland’s finest, bringing a unique and captivating live jam session on six machines, but with only one aim: to thoroughly rock the crowd. In the meantime, Amsterdam 661 has rocked some of the best dancefloors in Europe. As for Kabale und Liebe, his feel for the dancefloor has kept him internationally in demand as a live-act and a dj.

Since 2007 Kabale und Liebe has found himself amidst a whirlwind of international media attention, festival bookings and remix requests. Signed to Remote Area and 100 % Pure, he became the bright new star of Amsterdam’s thriving New School scene. Quite the pressure for a guy in his mid twenties. But he has kept his head straight and proven to be much more than just a one-hit wonder. Tracks like Makake (2008), Miami Nice (2008), Una y Nada, Hotpants (2009), Since You looked into my Eyes (2010) or his upcoming new album “Realitivity”, all show a profound mastery of the studio, a deep understanding of the dancefloor and a knack for catchy tunes. Not to mention the growing list of ace remixes for labels like Rush Hour, Great Stuff and Strictly Rhythm.

To further express their musical vision, Kabale und Liebe and fellow-New Schooler Lauhaus decided to set up Soweso. The label is meant to cater for upcoming as well as established artists in the rapidly growing house-techno crossover scene. Local talents like Makam, William Kouam Djoko and Tom Ruijg as well as Ali Nasser, DJ W!LD and Chris Carrier are already signed, with the label bosses providing the occasional remix. “It’s not so much about pushing ourselves forward,” Kabale explains. “Our main objective is to support the music we believe in, and to add something substantial to the world of electronic music.” Something Kabale und Liebe has been doing quite convincingly for the last three years and will continue doing for as long as he can help it.

Kabale Und Liebe Top 10 May 2014:

01. Kabale und Liebe – Too Many Circuses, Not Enough Freaks (Soweso)
02. Anton Pieete – Waiting (Rejected)
03. Makam – Loleatta (-)
04. Agaric – Exoplanets (We Are)
05. Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Nonplus)
06. Yuuki Sakai – Yaghan EP (Subsist)
07. Ø [Phase] – Burden Of Proof (Token)
08. XDB – Tonik (Dolly)
09. Kristian Heikkila – Deep Tool (-)
10. Kabale und Liebe – Fat ‘Ish’ Ass (Twerk Track) (Soweso)

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