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Friday, Apr 04 2014 | 00:31
Image: 1588359 Belen Vidal as Bflecha has been locked at her laboratory in Vigo, Spain for more than 5 years deciphering the genetic code of second millennium RnB, analyzing the DNA of experimental electronica, creating amalgams of chrome-plated House and 3D Garage and decrypting the grammar of the FM classics from the past 30 years in search for the perfect equation of 21st century music.
After successful experiments such as Ceja de Carnival (Arkestra, 2010) and Qvasi Naves (Arkestra, 2012) where dance music, avant - garde and synthwave hold hands, finally arrives ?eta (Arkestra, 2013), her long format debut, An intrincate essay of futuristic pop, sophisticated electronica and contemporary RnB sounding yet surprisingly direct and timeless.
Twelve songs written and produced by BFlecha and co-produced by Mwëslee (with who runs Arkestra) where we also find collaborations from her close circle as Hosoi from the band Delorean, Arkestra own TiMOTi and Noaipre or iconoclast rapper Arufe, whose contributions do nothing but help reach a higher dimension to the already polyhedral musical universe of the Galician artist.
?eta is a fantasy adventure, a technologic safari, an interstellar journey of cinematic inspiration in search of eternal love and scientific and metaphysical answers to universal questions. BFlecha's lyrics are a tribute to optimism, to those who imagine that other worlds are possible and are not afraid to cross the bounds of reason looking for other realities, from Ray Bradbury to Sun Ra, from Brandy to Stanley Kubrick, from Phillip K Dick to The-Dream, from Bioy Casares to Mecano, from Terry Guilliam to Vangelis, from Sade to Zamyatin.
A considerable effort where we finally see crystallize the aesthetic that Bflecha has been developing over those years, a natural alloy of the most diverse styles with an absolutely personal sound and her lush, breezy vocals in her prime, showing a conceptual, lyrical and sonic coherence unparalleled in our latitudes that put her as one of the key names at the forefront of the digital pop movement.

1. Descenso
2. A Marte
3. B33
4. Beta
5. Mundo Bizarro ft Arufe
6. Reflejos
7. Materia Exótica
8. Xenon ft TiMOTi
9. Mbl
10. Lava Templada
11. Finisterrae
12. Jápeto
Available from 14.03.2014
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