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Wednesday, Mar 26 2014 | 21:32
Image: 1587050 Somewhere along the line the true spirit of the Ku was lost in a sea of Buddha Bar pish and the anaemic meanderings of anyone with a nine bar and a Spanish guitar.
Thankfully, Nado uncork their bottle of vintage San Rafael dust and sprinkle it liberally over their seventh release to put the sun and fun back into the Balearic discotheque.
And who better to call upon for authentic 80s oddities than the irrepressible Brenda Ray, who's plunged into the Naffi HQ archive and plucked out four vivacious (& previously unreleased) gems, wholly deserving the full light of day.

Kicking things off is the frenetic groove of "Love To Dance", which sees Ray make expert use of a sampler to collage clattering percussion, rocking guitars and dusty horns on top of a dubby 12 bar blues riff.
Throw into the mix, chiming synths, reggae vamps and Ray's whispered vocals and you've got the twisted sister to Art of Noise's 'Peter Gunn'.

Cascades of shakers, triangles and chimes mark a change of pace for A2's "Coolin' In The Rye", gradually resolving into a swaying rhythm which mirrors lapping waves and setting the scene perfectly for the horizontal bliss that follows.
Ray's gentle bassline, buoyant melodica and exotic flute hint at an island life of sea air and sunshine, while the whole track shimmers like heat haze.

On "Theme From Another Space", Ray develops the tropical flavours of "Coolin' In The Rye", cooking up a dubwise drum machine riddim, stirring up a falling bassline and fleshing the track out with cooing vocals and expansive pads.
Jarvis Whitehead (It's Immaterial) adds some other worldly guitars while Big Jo Ross drops by for a smouldering sax solo that bathes the track in gold.

Closing things out in energetic fashion is the upbeat, off the wall dancefloor dynamite of "Transatlantic Dance Trance".
A post punk stomper that's ditched the Ritalin and embraced its ADHD diagnosis.
Rattling percussion loops wrap themselves around the heavy duty 4/4 while Ray's eerie vocals swirl around your head somewhere above the murk of echoed guitar and detuned synths. The track is a restless and frenzied assault on the senses that'll become crystal clear in the midnight sweat of a dingy basement.

Officially Aficionado Available from 07.03.2014
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