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Friday, Mar 21 2014 | 00:26
Image: 1582321 Off the back of their sold out album, Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca are set to release a limited run 12" featuring remixes of the highest order. 'Complotto Geometrico', 'Space Scribble' & 'A TV Show' are the tracks of choice, remixed by none other than Andy Weatherall, Prins Thomas and Luke Solomon respectively. Support across the board on this one. Limited run of 12"s.

The Weatherall remix initiates with a gentle bounce. The synth lines begin to peak and trough whilst back-drafted guitar riffs ring home around the affected vocal sample that oozes in. A subtle cybernetic atmosphere builds around the melodic rhythm which in turn ebbs and flows through out. It's seeping with that Weatherall magic, making it perfect for any time of night.

After his previous collaborations with Lindstrom et. al. we we're very excited to see what Prins Thomas would conjure up for this remix. Cosmic energy instantly emanates from the mix, giving a lighter vibe to the melodic depth that the Weatherall mix delivered. It boasts slightly more acidic elements that switch the dancefloor mentality from 'steady groover' to 'floor-mover.'

To finish, Luke Solomon provides a weirdo-disco rendition, full of elastic synth work, a bumping house groove and plenty of raw soul. Probably the more energetic of the three, Solomon proves that he deserves his place as Disco House royalty.

"Andrew and Luke's remixes are both fabulous. Gonna play them loads." (Ewan Pearson)
"wicked package. all mixes working for me" (Chris Woodward)
"Amazing package !!!" (Pathaan)
"Wow! A fantastic set of mixes executed by some quality chaps. Love all the mixes and shall be giving my support." (Ashley Beedle)
"Great release!!" (Tim Sweeney)
"Massive remix package! They're all really good too." (Damon Martin)


1. Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
2. Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)
3. A TV Show (Luke Solomon Remix) Available from 28.02.2014
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