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Thursday, Mar 13 2014 | 21:26
Image: 1586954 Paskal & Urban Absolutes, return with the LUX Remixes 1 , the first in a series of remix ep's highlighting tracks from their recently released debut album.

Paskal & Urban Absolutes are celebrating the release of their debut album „LUX“ (released in november 2013) with a big bash, encompassing a special remix package and with an illustrious group of liked minded peers. Same as with their own work credo of cross-city collaborating (Paskal aka Alex lives in Berlin, Urban Absolutes aka Adrian lives in Essen) the twosome assembled half of Germany for the first, now available 12inch of the Lux remixes.
They take us from Berlin via Leipzig down to Essen and Dortmund and from there to Düsseldorf and Cologne. One of the album's standout tracks, “Take The Fall” featuring the guest vocals by Pete Josef from Bristol, has gone under the knife all in all four times. The outcomes couldn't be more diverse: Manuel Tur, the Essen based eminent deep house authority, operates yet again most meticulously and precisely to produce a true grace of a dance-floor sure shot as if by magic. As a little surprise an infinitely meandering 303 acid bassline sets in in the second half of the track for sheer delight.
Sevensol & Bender, two of the founders of Leipzig based quality techno imprint Kann Records, don't apply less effort either and chop the track to its pieces. Without further ado the track's vocals fall by the wayside, only dare to surface muffled in a setting that couldn't be more contemporary and more today. This is German handcraft at upmost grade.
The Paskal & Urban Absolutes party continues with two remixes for “Here Again” – another hit of the album. The former Sonar Kollektiv warhorses Trickski seem to almost have been waiting for this assignment. The sound the Berlin based trio has been sported to perfection on their last few releases on labels like Delusions Of Grandeur and SUOL is being refined even further with this top-notch remix. This is full throttle peaktime club music with an aesthetics that will be style-defining in 2014.
And since we are making these superlative comparisons we can easily tag the remix by Henry L & Ingo Sänger (from Cologne and Dortmund) as the next blueprint of how the updated version of Chicago house has to sound like this season. Of course the awe-inspiring voice of Jazzanova singer Paul Randolph helps enormously to raise the already regal original to unexpected heights. To tell the truth, a high you don't wanna come down again from.
That's what the second release in the Lux remixes series will most definitely cater for. Stay tuned!


A1 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Manuel Tur Remix)
A2 – Take The Fall feat. Pete Josef (Sevensol & Bender Remix)
B1 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Trickski Remix)
B2 – Here Again feat. Paul Randolph (Henry L & Ingo SängerRemix) Available from 21.02.2014
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