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Image: 1586819 Around the locals “sweet home” of Birmingham/Alabama, if they weren’t belting out

Lynyrd Skynyrd, the mainstream radio stations would repeat the latest HOT 100 zingers off the

R&B conveyer-belt, much like the rest of the US. That is until visionary tastemaker Roderick

Moody - aka DJ Rahdu - brought his hit Diamond Soul Xxxperience Show to the ‘Bama

airwaves. For 2 hours out of 24, 1 day out of 7, they’d play nothing but soulful music. Soul was

the link, even if it had a hip hop, house, Caribbean or jazzy vibe to it, it had to be soulful. “The

only no-show was R&B … you could hear that after we were done.” Explains Rahdu - who was

able to bottle his on-air success, taking it first to the streets via open mic events, before

launching his website to over a million black alternative music fans across

the free world. Then in 2012, the commercially released and critically acclaimed

“BamaLoveSoul Presents On Deck”, would go on to fly off the shelves of record store Dusty

Groove – as they say in Birmingham - faster than a hound sucks an egg.

For On Deck 2, wading through a wealth of new material submitted specifically for his new

project, Rahdu selected twelve brand new tracks, created by tomorrow’s found generation.

Beginning with the jazzy keys of Rippy Austin’s ‘Fallen’, Rahdu describes the intro “As a walk

through the pearly gates of heaven” before Joomanji follows up with ‘Intoxicated’ which “slaps

you right in the face”. Every lick sounding fresh, as the selection expertly ebbs & flows.

Stephanie Nicole’s spaced out funk ‘Diligence’ paves the way for the ethereal beauty of

James Tillman’s voice on ‘Shangri La’. The artists, were handpicked, given 6 months to

prepare their submissions and were all keen to put their best foot forward. Jevon Reynolds

had the damnedest time coming up with his track before emailing Rahdu with the words “I had

a breakthrough” – the Midnight Mix of ‘Silence’ left Rahdu, when asked to comment, ironically

speechless. Humus, a bunch of Finns, get in on the action too, replacing GDNA’s soulful

house ‘Calm’ (which is anything but) with the horn driven, gorgeously sung serenade ‘I Do (I


“As a DJ coming up, I’d sometimes only demand that the groove was hot,” Says Rahdu, “but

with this music, you really have to listen to the words.” Alabama home-grown talent Fayth

Hope and her neo soul ‘Warrior’ sounds perfectly in tune with the blaxploitation glide of J

Finesse’s ‘Drums, Claps & Snaps … Ya Dig’ before the nuvo-electronic instrumental of

Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble’s ‘In The Distance’ comes to the forefront. Aisha Mars illuminates

the finale with ‘Ultraviolet’, “leaving you in a dream,” says Rahdu before adding “and fulfilled …



• Future Soul Classics for the New B-Boy’s

• Twelve previously unreleased tracks.

• The first volume flew off the racks of Dusty Groove (voted by the readers of Rolling

Stone Magazine as one of the best record stores in America), selling out within


•, owned by DJ Rahdu, is a tastemaker music website which has

received over a million unique visitors.

• Leading US brands Hennessey & Banana Republic sought out and partnered with

the platform to promote their products.

• DJ Rahdu’s ‘Bama-based open mic event included performances by Saul Williams,

Eric Roberson, Anthony David & Goapele to mention a few.


1. Rippy Austin – Fallen ft Nathan

Pittmon & Robert Casey

2. Joomanji – Intoxicated ft Joseph


3. Stephanie Nicole – Diligence

4. James Tillman – Shangri La

5. Jevon Reynolds – Silence (Midnight


6. GDNA – Calm

7. Humus – I Do (I Do)

8. Fayth Hope – Warrior

9. Anu~Sun – Where Did We Go

Wrong ft Augi

10. J Finesse – Drums, Claps & Snaps

… Ya Dig

11. Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble – In

The Distance

12. Aisha Mars - Ultraviolet


Erykah Badu, Dwele, Foreign

Exchange, Jesse Boykins III, José

James, Sy Smith Available from 07.02.2014
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