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Thursday, Feb 27 2014 | 21:26
Image: 1587005 AADM OUR HATLEY a.k.a. Adam R. Hatley has been a
landmark musician out of Austin, TX for the last 15 years from
such groups as Those Peabodys, Attack Formation and now
of the group, BANGAAR. This album has been 3 years in the
making, recorded at Public Hi-Fi (Studio of the band, SPOON)
and also in different stairwells and houses around the Austin
This is a instrumental beat record, a drum library record and a
completely original piece of art. No electronic instruments were
used to make this album, It is made with drums, percussion,
hand claps, a little singing and a few effects. This is (iN)
Sect Records’ entry into the Drum Library category. We want
you (music producers) to sample this album, take loops, take
sounds, take anything on here and repurpose this into something
original. It is an original LP from Adam, but it’s also a library to
take from.

1. Water V. Wax
2. Compliments
3. Check The Resume (Grand Puba)
4. Gumbo Catch
5. We Have Plans
6. Calm Down
7. Drapes Down
8. Pep Talk
9. BB Stack
10. Eyad Is Gong
11. Square Wheel
12. Slow Secrets
13. Freak Episode Available from 07.02.2014
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