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Thursday, Feb 20 2014 | 15:26
Image: 1587206 From the creators of Los Charly's Orchestra comes this very special EP to start the year 2014 on a pure Salsoul / Philly Disco style. People has been asking, "What happened to the Disco stuff that those guys were doing a few years ago..." So due to popular demand here it is. A double A release made of two steady singles, released on a 12" Vinyl LTD edition for the discerning pleasure of your analogue hearing.

A side contains a track called "Amore" featuring the mighty Soul singer: Andre Espeut delivering a surprising performance on a Tony Valor, Barry White style which proves once again the endless versatility of the experienced singer. The inspiration of "Aquarian Dream" and "Wood Brass & Steel" meet on a intergalactic & uplifting Disco experience for the flip with the track "Interstellaire", featuring the hidden Parisian treasure Emilie Farcy delivering a brief but sweet speech that take us deeper into the journey. Produced by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel.

"This is so f*****ing hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Rahaan)
"Bloody hell, guys - right back to 1978! Top track and really great production on this. No contemporary band has ever done disco this good - Amazing job." (Neil Quinton)
"I am totally blown away" (Simon White)
"I really like both tracks! Playing them for sure!" (Severino)


1. Amore ft. Andre Espeut (Vocal Version)
2. Amore (Instrumental)
3. Interestellaire ft. Emilie Farcy Available from 31.01.2014
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