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Tuesday, Feb 18 2014 | 03:28
Image: 1585608 PRE-ORDER ONLY, DEADLINE, OCTOBER 21st. /

Features John Robinson?Laidlaw…and grooveman Spot Remix!!

Here introduce collaboration of underground fame beat maker Yasu-Pachino and Sato Beats!

Yasu-Pachino is famous underground DJ and Producer .And recently well known as remix works for Hotel New Tokyo and original productions.
Sato Beats is well known works for 's compilation for worldwide,and his recently 3rd album ?Almost Feel?got big reactions from headz.

And here deliver fantastic collaboration of Yasu-Pachino and Sato Beats.

?Rebel Music?features world famous John Robinson's rhythmical flow on reggae based rugged and funky laid back beats and groove. And there fewtures ?Instrumental?and ?Tenjin Dub?!

C/W features Jazzy Sport beatmaker grooveman Spot 's remix for ?The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw?.grooveman Spot takes dope straight hip hop sounds with raw groove and mystic rhythm and electric sound arrange.Ya! Here deliver new way of Hip Hop approach of grooveman Spot.

-Track List-
A-1 Rebel Music feat. John Robinson / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
A-2 Rebel Music instrumental / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
A-3 Rebel Music Tenjin Dub / Yasu-Pacino×Sato Beats
B-1 The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw grooveman Spot Remix / Yasu-Pacino
B-2 The Way I Live feat.Laidlaw grooveman Spot Remix instrumental /Yasu-Pacino
Available from 28.02.2014
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