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Thursday, Feb 13 2014 | 15:27
Image: 1586998 When Yasin “Mos Def” Bey called Maspyke one of the most
important groups in the underground, heads that already knew
the time simply nodded in agreement. Never one to settle on
co-signs though, no matter how credible the source may be,
TABLEEK keep his pen to pad, and body in the lab, turning out
dozens of appearances, mixtapes, collaborations, and touring
worldwide to lead up to his “first” official LP: Hunting Bald
Eagles..and Other Ghetto Tales. Track by track, this project is a
testament to the growth he has undertaken as an artist, from coproducing
a few tracks, arranging the entire album, to designing
the cover, this is truly his unique vision. Beginning with the
African trance influenced “Knew Sublminal”, each track rings
true to the most classic soundscapes of real boom bap, soulful
hiphop, but with the unmistakable and undeniable sound that has
been exclusively Maspyke’s since their debut 12inch “The Gong
Show” on 7Heads Records. With almost 20 years of hustling
in the world of music, TABLEEK also utilized the lyrical
assistance of his dope label affiliates Blak Nerd and Stan Illa,
one of the most recognizable voices in HipHop Sadat X (Brand
Nubians), Brooklyn native Whosane, and Jamaican bred toaster
Rooster from Fear Nuthin Band to take the journey with him.
They say it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a particular craft,
and it is quite evident that Hunting Bald Eagles...and Other
Ghetto Tales is a display of a master at work. Stay Tuned.

1. Knew Subliminal (No Shorts)
2. Monie$
3. Runner Upper (Feat Blak Nerd & Stan Illa)
4. Coco Wins
5. Greedy Ni**A Boy (Stfu)
6. Game Over
7. Security Homeland (Stfu)
8. Time
9. Got It (Feat Whosane & Roosta From Fnb)
10. Rulez
11. Monies (Epilouge)
12. Neighborhood Drug Dealer
13. The Loop (Feat Sadat X & Stan Illa) Available from 24.01.2014
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