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Tuesday, Jan 07 2014 | 10:12 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Sopa De Tartaruga (Inspired By Ruffcats)In late January 2012 the Ruffcats spent three days and nights at the Lovelite studio in Berlin, where they recorded their debut album “The Essence Vol.1” on 8-track tape. The Ruffcats are one of Germany’s hardest working backing bands, laying down grooves for singers like Flo Mega, Bajka or Georgia Ann Muldrow. On “The Essence Vol.1” the 8-piece band is doing their very own thing, banging out raw and dirty soul and funk cuts with a nod towards psych jazz and kraut groove. Needless to say that the music is tailor made for sampling. So we passed the master tapes to some of our favourite producers and asked them to have fun with it.

If you listen to this record you may agree that the guys did a pretty decent job, cooking up their own stew based on the original ingredients prepared by The Ruffcats. Fid Mella, DJ Adlib, Figub Brazlevic, TBRCK, Hulk Hodn, Dramadigs, Shuko, V.Raeter, and Illiaz are delivering a beat extravaganza that ranges from dusty boom-bap to next level dopetronica. On top of it, two local MCs are adding lyrics to go, which isn’t a bad thing either. If I had to put it in one sentence: with Sopa de Tartaruga (Portuguese for turtle soup) Melting Pot Music is coming full circle.


A1. Dramadigs – Peter Harms
A2. Retrogott & Hulk Hodn – Tortuga
A3. V.Raeter – Autumn Breath
A4. TBRCK & DJ Adlib – Herbie Hammock
B1. Figub Brazlevic – Stoned 94
B2. Veedel Kaztro & Fid Mella – Gefängnisparty
B3. Shuko – Cloudy
B4. Illiaz – The Ruffest
B5. Fid Mella – Gefängnisinstrumental

The album VariousSopa De Tartaruga (Inspired By Ruffcats)” (Melting Pot Music) is going to be released January 17, 2014.

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