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Thursday, Dec 19 2013 | 06:31
Image: 1585085 PREORDER ONLY, DEADLINE 23.09.2013 ! Here introduce 12inch cut from (the label that is receiving a lot of attention by underground hip hop scene) 's first releasing artist album HIMUKI?beatsmake-a-holic?.

-Track List-
A 1. Refreshing
2. Turn It Up
B 1. A.S.A.P
2. Let's Go
3. B.M

features fantastic underground hip hop fame like,BUDAMUNK?MASS-HOLE?16FLIP?PUNPEE?EVISBEATS?BUSHMIND?Febb of Cracks Brothers etc…as 7inch releasing.And they got big props from scene.

And now beat maker & DJ/producer HUMUKI releases the album ?beatsmake-a-holic?as label's 1st releasing artist album.

?Refreshing?is the worm and beautiful instrumental number that features mellow electric piano and beautiful strings ,this would be big stuff for fans of boogie-disco-raregroove.
?Turn It up?starting great jazz funk -fusion break groove .And change into dope and groovy hip hop beats and groove.
?N.E.N SIDE ?is rugged and bluesy laid back funk groover.

On the flip side starting with ?A.S.A.P?that features fantastic combination of electric piano and brass section sounds on the fat and tight hip hop beats.
?Let's Go?delivers smokey and dope funky groove .
?B.M?delivers wild and sleazy way of hip hop groove with cuts and scratches.

This 6TRK EP must be big stuff not only Hip Hop scene but also Jazz and Funk and Raregroove lovers.

Quite limited pressing

Available from 29.11.2013
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