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Tuesday, Dec 03 2013 | 09:29
Image: 1585275 Coming in a long line of esteemed ground breaking British soul artists from
Loose Ends, Soul2Soul, Spacek, Omar, to Amy Winehouse, Hartley &
Wolfe grab the baton in creating something quite unique, different and new.
Not quite R’n’B or neo soul, not quite American ‘urban’ or electronica ....
perhaps more working man’s soul in sound but yet ticks a lot of musical
boxes at the same time. Think Isley Brothers meets Rick James in terms of
vocal delivery. Raspy deep felt, weathered classic soul with a big voice
meets intergalactic pimped out grooves with bass-lines that would make
Lee Scratch Perry’s Upsetters proud!
This is music that definitely gives a nod to the old school but this is not a
retro throwback workout nor is it the work of soul novices. Just like a fine
wine fermenting its flavors over time Greg & Vadim have been hard at work
with Nightmares On Wax, Utah Saints, Featurecast, Horace Andy, Prince,
Stevie Wonder, Fat Freddys Drop, amongst others in preparation of this
In an era where so many vocalists seem to be dumbing down their sound
and content, Hartley&Wolfe is quite the opposite. “Bespoke Future” is an
album about life rejection, love failure, political misendeavors and also most
importantly it’s fun, catchy and quite possibly may brew up a storm on a
dance floor near you soon. Quite simply an accomplished, musical Scud
Missile of pure enjoyment.

1. You've Got Nothing
2. The Little Things
3. Behind Close Doors
4. Room To Breathe
5. What I've Been Told
6. Turn The Volume Down
7. Console
8. This World
9. Dancing In Circles
10. Larry The Cat
11. Lady Sunshine
12. Never Understand

Hartley & Wolfe Home Movie: Available from 15.11.2013
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