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Tuesday, Dec 03 2013 | 10:26 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The AmharicThe fifth studio album by top UK Roots trio realised with additional musicians like Carlton ‘Bubblers’ Ogilivie, Henry Holder, Errol ‘Black Steel’ Nicholson, and Wayne Williams better known as Horseman. Following a small private press of 100 CD with African Postman Records from last December, here’s the official release for Altafaan. A recommendation for the fans of Misty In Roots, Steel Pulse and Black Roots!

UK roots reggae has become mythic, in a way: few people who can discuss it today without a glaze in their eyes, and yet it seems to have lost much of the mainstream significance it used to have one or two decades ago. From the Brixonites of The Amharic comes a fresh album now, their fifth, that underlines that it is not the quality of the music which is responsible for that decline. It is called “Stop And Search” and recalls the golden days of Misty in Roots, Matumbi and others.

The Amharic evolved in the early 1990s in Brixton, around the St. Catherine, JA born lead vocalist Danny Amharic, bass player and backing vocalist Ronnie Lion, and keyboard player and backing vocalist Victor ‘Jazzbo’ Downs. Some of the UK’s most prolific reggae musicians, including Black Steel, Horseman, Bubblers, and Henry Holder have skipped in their skills to record “Stop And Search”. The album has been recorded both at Tuffwize Studios in London and at Big Yard in Jamaica. The production credits go to Donald Henry (the civil name of Danny Amharic).

Fans of the 70’s UK roots movement will rejoice upon hearing The Amharic, they can and will be compared to the likes of Misty In Roots, Steel Pulse and Black Roots. However The Amharic go far beyond simply creating the feeling of reminiscence. They have true fire burning in their music, instantly accessible to both roots fans and the crossover market, they also have a maturity, a sound of true togetherness and at its heart is the supremely talented lyricist and vocalist, Danny Amharic. Avoiding the many cliches of reggae music that are seemly used far to often these days, Danny delivers some outstanding and insightful lyrics, dealing with familiar themes borne from slavery days and religious expressiveness, yet done in such a creative and original fashion.


01. War On Man
02. Stop And Search
03. Eden Forces
04. Call To Solomon
05. Politicians
06. One Or Two
07. Too Rough
08. Good Saints
09. Skull And Bones
10. Long Road
11. High Grade
12. Dolly The Sheep
13. King Of Kings

The album The AmharicStop And Search” (AL.TA.FA.AN) is going to be released December 6, 2013.

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