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Friday, Nov 29 2013 | 16:05 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

DJ Format & Phill Most ChillDJ Format and Phill Most Chill have joined forces to bring you “The Foremost,” an album of 10 raw hip hop tracks varying in style, tempo & lyrical content. DJ Format first acheived mainstream recognition with his debut album Music For The Mature B-Boy back in 2003. He toured the UK and Europe with Jurassic 5 and the release of his second album, 2005’s If You Can’t Join ‘Em…Beat ‘Em, saw his combined sales reach over 60,000 units. Format’s Fabric Live 27 mix in 2006 was the fastest selling CD in the series at that time. In 2012, Format released his third solo album Statement Of Intent which sold extremely well by todays standards, proving that Format’s fanbase is still hungry for his music. Phill Most Chill is a Philadelphia-based MC, DJ, record collector, illustrator & journalist and has been an active contributor to hip hop culture since the early ’80s, most notably with his ‘World of Beats’ column for Rap Sheet magazine in the early ’90s. Phill’s independant 12″ releases regularly change hands for hundreds of pounds and his reputation continues to grow as he refuses compromise his old school B-Boy mentality.

The album delivers several explosive ‘Fast Rap’ songs and right from the start Phill Most demonstrates his unparalleled ability to destroy all competition at up to 138bpm whilst still remaining effortlessly funky. Then in the next breath he is taking you on a beat diggin’ road trip with him, or recalling fond memories of an old flame in what he describes in “Beverly” as “a love song you can dance to”. “Angry Birds” isn’t about playing games, it’s all about Phill Most delivering clever bird metaphors over a vicious beat. He then shows his versatility again on “Work Song”, a humourous ‘work trials and tribulations’ type of song that everyone will instantly relate to. Guest vocals come from Oxygen (Soundsci, Sputnik Brown) and Emskee (The Good People) on the old school-tinged “Triple Threat MC’s”. The socially conscious “Take A Stand” sees Phill Most address his experience as a black man living in America in 2013. Format’s trademark drum-heavy production is present throughout the album, with intricate samples cut & scratched to perfectly complement each song.

“The Foremost” isn’t just a collection of songs recorded & thrown together by a DJ and an MC from different sides of the world. It’s a carefully thought out album made by two passionate music lovers & recording artists on exactly the same wavelength, collaborating together in true partnership. Despite the careful planning & consideration, it has lost none of the rawness that you’d want & expect from DJ Format & Phill Most Chill. “The Foremost” is hip hop in it’s purest, dopest form!


01. The Feeling
02. Diggin’ For A Livin’
03. Get Busy Music
04. Beverly
05. Angry Birds
06. Work Song
07. Triple Threat MC’s feat. Oxygen, Emskee
08. The Foremost
09. Take A Stand
10. The Shape Of Things To Come

The album DJ Format & Phill Most ChillThe Foremost” (Project Blue Book) is going to be released November 29, 2013.

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