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Friday, Nov 29 2013 | 00:29
Image: 1585237 Features Production From DJ Mighty Mi, Slugworth, Mr. Bomb Camp, & Aaron Perez

A veteran of the acclaimed hip-hop labels Definitive Jux, and Fondle 'Em Records, Chris Palko, better known as
Cage, has been intimately connected to the underground hip-hop scene as early as 1991, having worked with
legends such as El-P, KMD, Necro, Godfather Don, K-Solo, and more. Since that time, Cage has become known
as much as a pioneer of horrorcore rap, as for his dark and paranoid rhymes on underground favorites like
"Radiohead", "Agent Orange", and "That Smut", from his work with the hip-hop group Smut Peddlers. His 2002
debut Movies For The Blind is considered an essential underground album to this day, scoring critical acclaim
and a Billboard Hot 100 spot. In recent years Cage has gone on to appear on Kid Cudi's Top 5 Billboard release
Man on The Moon 2, and has worked with Shia LaBeouf, DJ Shadow, Jello Biafra, and numerous others.
Now in 2013, Cage returns to the scene with Kill The Architect which will hit stores on October 22nd. The album
marks the return of longtime NYC indy label Eastern Conference Records, the imprint with which Cage worked
to release a number of albums including Movies For The Blind. The project also finds long time collaborator and
Eastern Conference head DJ Mighty Mi back behind the boards for the majority of the project.


1. Lamb Of Nothing
2. Fuck This Game
3. Precipiss
4. The Hunt
5. In Your Fur
6. You Were The Shit
(In High School)
7. Watch Me

1. Cursed
2. They Suck...
3. This Place
4. Road Kill
5. My Dog Is Dead
6. I Don’t Know You Available from 08.11.2013
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