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Monday, Nov 25 2013 | 12:29
Image: 1584835 Tiger’s Milk Records first took shape in 2012 after Peruvian cook and restaurateur Martin Morales, also a record collector, DJ and former Head of iTunes Pan EU, opened his Peruvian restaurant in London, Ceviche. His passion and enthusiasm for Peruvian music and cooking led to a meeting with Duncan Ballantyne (Soundway / Naive / Far Out). The label was formed and a debut 7” of archive Peruvian cuts was released to widespread praise in 2012.

Now moving to their first full length compilation, Tiger’s Milk Records presents PERU MARAVILLOSO, the result of many years obsessively collecting Peruvian music: it’s in their blood. With a focus on ‘60s and ‘70s Latin and tropical music, this debut album features a selection of vintage cuts and unknown treasures from one of Peru’s most exciting musical periods. The vast majority of these songs were only ever pressed once on vinyl and have remained unreleased since.Whilst recognising the music of cumbia, guaracha and the electric sound of chicha, PERU MARAVILLOSO owes as much to soul-jazz, Latin-jazz, rock and psychedelia as it does to the traditional styles of Andean, Peruvian criollo and Latin music that dominated the cultural backdrop of Peru during this era.

It was the dogged work of labels like Iempsa, Sono Radio, FTA and Infopesa who tirelessly promoted and produced the bands and tracks featured on this compilation. Much of these labels’ output had some degree of Western influence as they recognised the tastes of Peruvians who were in tune with Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, artists who wrote songs in which the electric guitar was fundamental to their sound. Many of the bandleaders of Peruvian groups were guitarists so their Latin compositions often took on a psychedelic twist, often with simple, hypnotic rhythms and repetitive basslines but always stamped with a unique mix of Peruvian, Andean, Spanish and African influence. This record does not attempt to showcase a singular strand or genre. It’s beauty lies in its raw diversity. Nor does it offer a window into the Peruvian rock or garage scene that was also present in the same period although there are certain clues in tracks like the horn laden reinterpretation of ‘Meshkalina’, originally written by one of Peru’s most respected rock bands Traffic Sound, and the electrified groove of ‘El Chacarero’ by Los Gatos Blancos. It’s clear that there was not only mutual appreciation of different styles by Latin and rock composers but a healthy desire to combine ideas and experiment. As such, PERU MARAVILLOSO offers a first-of-a-kind snapshot of Peru in a bygone era, highlighting its many Latin expressions and identities, a country with a remarkable musical history, which never ceases to surprise.

PERU MARAVILLOSO is compiled by Duncan Ballantyne, Martin Morales and Andres Tapia. Tiger’s Milk Records is part of Ceviche, a restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine in London. A recipe book entitled ‘Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen’ written by Martin Morales was released in July 2013 and entered the Amazon UK top 10 non-fiction chart. The Ceviche team have just returned from their first ever UK pop-up restaurant tour, visiting 14 UK cities and towns.

About the compilers: Martin Morales has produced albums in London, Cuba, Peru, Spain and Italy. He has worked with Matthew Herbert, Chucho Valdez, Oi Va Voi, Omara Portuondo, Tata Guines, Orquesta America, Orquesta Aragon and Novalima. Duncan Ballantyne has managed various record labels including Soundway Records, Brazilian label Far Out and managed Naive in the UK. Andres Tapia runs Resychled Record in Lima, Peru and has released countless titles exploring the rock, punk and garage scenes that developed in Peru in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

-debut compilation from Ceviche, a UK-based company dedicated to Peru's cuisine and culture
-unique snapshot of 1960s and 1970s Peruvian music beyond traditional cumbias and chichas
-features rare and unreissued tracks across compilation
-design, brand and tracklist accessible for both casual buyers and deeper 'world' and Latin music fans alike
-package includes fold-out poster featuring original artwork from contemporary Peruvian designers

01. Lucho Neves y su Orquesta | Mambo de Machaguay
02. Chango y su Conjunto | Salsa 73
03. Juaneco y su Combo | La Cumbia del Pacurro
04. Los Zheros | Para Chachita
05. Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos | Piraña
06. Paco Zambrano y su Combo | Meshkalina
07. Los Gatos Blancos | El Chacarero
08. Zulu | Sueño de Amor
09. Los Orientales | Bailando en la Campiña
10. John Benny y Los Ribereños | Trinan las Golondrinas
11. Los Ecos | Me Siento Felíz
12. Lucia de la Cruz | Toro Mata
13. Manzanita y su Conjunto | El Zambito Rumbero
14. Félix Martinez y sus Chavales | La Gallina
15. Aniceto y sus Fabulosos | Los Fabulosos en Onda
16. Los Zheros | Descarga De Los Zheros VINYL ONLY Available from 08.11.2013
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