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Monday, Nov 25 2013 | 12:29
Image: 1582059 After a superlative EP from Chicago's DJ Rahaan, Dublin's Fatty Fatty Phonographics is back with another installment of Pablo and Shoey's 'Rejigs', which have had support from the likes of Hot Toddy, Bicep, Get Down Edits, Leftside Wobble, House of Disco and Rub'N'Tug.

'No Good (Start The Jack)' sees them take on Kelly Charles' 'You're No Good', a late 80’s New Jersey house bomb and source of the infamous vocal hook from The Prodigy's 'No Good (Start The Dance)'. After one of the great 80's dance music clichés - an intro where some sassy mama gives her boyfriend shit down an old school telephone line - they go straight for the jugular with that big big hook, spinning the whole thing out for 10 minutes with lots of hypnotic piano loops and large chunks of the great song at the heart of it all. This is one that the crowd will be immediately singing right back at ya at 2am!

'Gonna Get Ya', meanwhile, goes for some Greg Wilson 'Edit The Edit' style shenanigans, taking on Barna Soundmachine's sly, slinky funk loops. The Barna man's original had a whole heap of Diana Ross vocals from 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me' at the centre but never let rip with the big hands in the air chorus. The lads have rearranged it here so it's alot less teasin' and alot more ease-in!

The 3rd track is as important to Pablo and Shoey as it is to Moodymann, so 'Funky Rump (Tribute To MCA)' pays tribute to the sadly deceased Beastie Boy by looping up some busy jazz drums from 'Paul's Boutique' and splicing it with a very fitting in concert tribute from the one and only Flava Flav of Public Enemy. The full track, when it eventually arrives, is a relentless clav funk monster that just keeps going and going....

B2. FUNKY RUMP (TRIBUTE TO MCA) Available from 08.11.2013
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