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Sunday, Nov 10 2013 | 09:29
Image: 1585376 Uprise Audio has made a phenomenal impact since it first appeared in October 2012 and has exploded onto the scene with a multitude of chart-topping hits.

Raising the bar ever higher, Uprise Audio team up with WeSC (The popular Swedish fashion and headphone retailer) to deliver their first 12-track compilation album titled "Live From The Future". Each of the label’s elite roster of well accounted artists have contributed their finest tracks to the project including the CEO himself, Seven.

The 12 track album will come in both CD and vinyl format. 500 limited edition 12" vinyl double packs, with a full art covered sleeve featuring 6 tracks from the compilation will be available. The vinyl packs will also come bundled with the full album on CD.

So far this compilation has received maximum support from all of dubstep's A-list DJ's and also includes album sampler, UALPS1. This features title track 'Live From The Future' by Seven ft. Joe Raygun and 'Reflections' by Wayfarer, both of which have stormed the sales charts, gaining massive exposure world wide. The sampler is available digitally and also on a stunning picture disk vinyl, displaying the album artworks on both side.

A. Seven & Youngsta - Masai Mara VIP
Due to incredible demand, Seven & Youngsta teamed up once again to create this incredible new version of an already timeless classic. Everything about this track oozes class and precision. It's tribal rhythms and epic soundscape set the mood and tone to this work of art. A clever twist to the groove, subtle midrange additions and intelligent percussive switches enhance an already perfect original. A must-have track for any dubstep music enthusiast.

B1. Asylum - Zero Gravity
Asylum made his entrance on Uprise Audio back in December of 2012 and has continued to established himself as a force to reckoned with amongst the dubstep community. Zero gravity is an intelligent, percussive track with serious low end weight, intricate groove switches and the precise synthesis of a highly talented producer. This groove-based roller is tearing up dance floors world wide thanks to some of dubstep's finest DJs.

B2. Chewie Feat. Michael Rose - Silver and Gold
The evermore versatile Chewie shows us that he has more than one ace up his sleeve by delivering this absolute beast of a track. Trademark production combined with Grammy award-winning reggae vocalist, Michael Rose - 'Silver & Gold' is destined to be a winner. The dark instrumental and soulful vibes of Michael's hooks immerse the listener making this track breathtaking from start to finish.

C. Klax - Link To The Past
Klax made their debut appearance on the critically acclaimed chart-topping hit EP UA004 and show no signs of letting up. Powering onwards, their contribution to the album comes in the form of 'Link to the Past', a technical and cinematic roller. This track commands the listeners attention with a militant barrage of percussion and a stabbing, offset basslines all finely crafted into a dangerous dance floor weapon. A must-have.

D1. Seven & Dubtek - Atmosfear
Dubtek, no stranger to UA, being the first artist to release on the imprint has teamed up with Seven to create this atmospheric monster of a track.
The moment Atmosfear begins the listener is plunged into an eerie soundscape with a horror movie like melody. The mood of the track from there on is very spooky and thought provoking. The subsection is incredibly weighty and combined with the 4/4 beat syncopation it really drives the track forward. Those haunting leads are what keeps the listener most focused though and as the track progresses, the track title explains itself.

D2. Taiko - Spray Can
Pushing the boundaries with composure, Taiko has produced an infectious tune set to be a timeless classic. Spray Can displays the young producer's fresh and innovative approach to the sound. Clever, thematic sampling, tumbling breaks and no-nonsense sub-weight provide the groundwork as percussive elements bounce around the listener. Expect plenty more from Taiko..

Tracklisting: (free CD) : 01. Seven feat. Joe Raygun - Live from the Future, 02. Wayfarer - Reflections, 03. Stealth & Altair - Lost Highway, 04. Seven and Youngsta - Masai Mara VIP, 05. Asylum - Zero Gravity, 06. Chewie feat. Mykal Rose - Silver & Gold, 07. Taiko - Spray Can, 08. Klax - Link To The Past
09. Dubtek - Kuiper Belt, 10. Seven & Dubtek - Stratosfear, 11. Seven - Walter White - TRUTH remix, 12. Nanobyte - Part Of Life Available from 21.10.2013
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