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Thursday, Nov 07 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1583622 Da Lata is led by Chris Franck and Patrick Forge. Their new album entitled Fabiola and? ' first in 10 years, is set for release in October, the 18th in 2013 and draws on a worldwide family of performers. Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Miguel Atwood Ferguson (USA), Rich Medina (USA) Marcelo Janeci (Brazil) Luisa Maita (Brazil), Graveola (Brazil), Fabricio FBC (Brazil), Sacha Gabriel (Canada), Jason Yarde (UK), Finn Peters
(UK) and Diabel Cissokho (Mali) to name just a few have all helped craft a record with a raw and live approach fusing Afro-Brazilian influences with a dance-floor sensibility and a distinctly London attitude.
2013 marks 20 years since Chris Franck and Patrick Forge first came together and began experimenting and redefining Brazilian music. Over that time, the duo have had major international success both in bands (Smoke City, Zeep & Da Lata) and for Patrick as a respected DJ who was a pioneer for Brazilian music with UK station Kiss FM in the early 90s.
Da Lata have started the build-up for the release of Fabiola by giving away the “Allstars? ' live version” of Ronco Da Cuica as a free download via their website which also features the video. Da Lata are about to start a new chapter in their illustrious story. 20 years of Afro-Brazilian adventure and it ain t over' yet !

A brief history…
Da Lata previously released two studio albums in 2000 and 2002 respectively followed by a remix album in 2004 all released through Chris Blackwell s Island Records' subsidiary, Palm Pictures. Working alongside and collaborating with label mates like Ernest Ranglin Baaba Maal, Femi Kuti, Bebel Gilberto the band were in good company. Since 2005 Da Lata s schedule slowed down as members went onto be involved in'
other projects but Da Lata didn t lay dormant, they continued re-working and remixing' other people s tracks and many of these mixes as well as classic Da Lata tracks are still' regular features on discerning global dance-floors today.

A new era
In 2010 Da Lata took their first tentative steps towards what has now become Fabiola ,? ' a collection of songs born out of disappointment, heartbreak and frustration, that transmutes those emotions into defiance, release and transcendence. Drawing together
an extended family of collaborators old and new, the album is characterized by Da Lata s new “organic edge”, dispensing with programming and electronic production' Fabiola s emphasis is definitely on the “real” in every sense.? ' '
“Fabiola” is diverse in style but homogeneous in it s sound and intent, melding elements' of Brazilian and African styles and rhythms with everything from Folk, Rock and Psychedelia to Spoken Word, Soul and Dub. Written exclusively by Chris Franck and the various collaborators, Franck, Forge and super (more than an) engineer Toni Econimides are the team that have crafted Fabiola into Da Lata s most mature and? ' '
accomplished album.

Tracklisting CD:
01. Um Amor A Mais feat. Luisa Maita
02. N.Y.J. feat. Diabel Cissokho
03. Places We Go feat. Dennis Rollins
04. Unknown feat. Mayra Andrade
05. Ronco Da Cuica feat. Jandira Silva & Pedro Martins
06. Monkeys And Anvils feat. RichMedina
07. Deixa feat. Jandira Silva
08. The Shore feat. Sacha Gabriel
09. Cambara 41 feat. Marcelo Jeneci
10. Don't Give It Up feat. Luiz Gabriel & Fabricio FBC
Video „Ronca Da Cuica“ live:
GOING UNDERGROUND Available from 18.10.2013
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