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Thursday, Oct 24 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1584862 About Brazil Dedication...
Kev Brown recently traveled to Brazil to do some shows. It wasn’t
initially planned, but Kev ended up sticking around for two whole
months! While he was out there, he made this awesome instrumental
Peace Y’all... All these beats were made in Brazil. I went to Sao Paulo
in December (2012) to perform and somehow, I ended up staying out
there for 2 months! Maybe I’ll write a book one day...ha. I actually
made more than these (beats) while I was there, but for this project
I narrowed it down to joints that have either a Brazilian “sample” or
influence. I brought the MPC 2500 with me... and yes, I still have the
xl!. That was all I needed to make it happen. I was making beats
in hotel rooms, at different people’s houses ... wherever. Goin’ hard,
sampling straight in from whatever source was available at the time.
Most places I was at didn’t have turntables. The “Baile Black Remix”
actually features live musicians that are sampled from the original
Hyldon session ... that was definitely a new experience for me.
Traveling alone to a place where the main language isn’t english…
Check my instagram (@kevbrownpictures). I was takin’ mad pix till
I lost my phone out there...haha.
God bless everyone I met along the way...Obrigado!/Thank you! - Kev

1. Brand new instrumental album from Kev Brown. Beats composed
and inspired by his trip to Brazil.
2. Kev Brown has worked with/produced for Busta Rhymes, DJ
Jazzy Jeff, Oddisee, & many more.
3. Mastered by K-Def, artwork/illustration by Joe Buck.

Side A
01 - The Great
02 - Montenegro
03 - Clima Tropical
04 - Language Barrier
05 - A Melodia

Side B
06 - Exclusivo
07 - Não! / Now
08 - Bela Música
09 - Bossa...
10 - Baile Black [Remix] Available from 04.10.2013
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