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Thursday, Oct 17 2013 | 21:33
Image: 1580289 OY aka Joy Frempong, the half Ghanaian and half Swiss multi versed vocalist is definitely one of a rare breed - at home in the left-of-center sound but gifted with a penchant for writing sticky unforgettable melodies.

Three years after her vivacious debut First Box Then Walk, which effortlessly sold out the first pressing and commenced a demanding touring schedule, OY is back with another rich offering - a new LP cryptically entitled Kokokyinaka. The result is a genre bending, generously seasoned stew of African inflected Electronica, garnished with lavish, colorful stories and proverbs - the whole effort packaged into an infectious, melody
driven concept record designed to play like a road trip juggernaut of a soundtrack.

Kokokyinaka is a highly immersive experience and a joyful celebration of a culture, intense like a stroll through an African market at high noon.

Oy's voice remains mutable throughout, changing color palettes, textures, styles, and even accents with playful chameleon like ease, not unlike the stories being told which segue between overheard dialogues, proverbs, and folk tales, often in one breath.

The wildly vibrant sample base includes a parachute, fufu pounding, fireworks, and a shoe. Along with all of the animated stories it was mostly collected on trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and during a residency in South Africa.

The actual writing and the production for the record took place at studios located in Berlin under the guidance of talented drummer, producer, and co-writer Lleluja-Ha.

His textural drumming and feel for well fleshed out arrangements is present throughout. If anything, Kokokyinaka is a mature work which thoroughly exhibits Joy Frempong's versatility as composer, vocalist, and storyteller, but most of all it's a testament to her unique take on Electronica - mercurial, downright experimental, yet flushed with soulful melodies.

01 Intro - 2Nd Class Bus
02 Akwaba
03 Halleluja Hair
04 Market Place
05 Stars On Gold
06 Funny 1
07 Doondari
08 Tortoise And Hunter
09 Millionaire In Beggar'S Wear
10 Funny 2
11 Gyere
12 Bienvenue Chez Toi
13 No, I Don'T Snore 14 My Name Is Happy
15 Carbreak
16 Chicken Beer
17 Si Tu Veux..
18 Carry Us Home
19 Outro -1St Class Bus

Available from 27.09.2013
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