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Thursday, Oct 17 2013 | 21:33
Image: 1584233 Polishing Peanuts DELUXE's first EP (November 2011) opened the door & created a buzz about the band's future projects. The 3 first tracks that came out in spring, started to tease the audience's interest, especially Daniel the EP's title track (out on May 13th) & the crazy video who came along with it. The long awaited LP drops on September 16th 2013, and goes by the sweet name of The DELUXE Family show.

This first album reflects the maturity acquired by the band during the years, full of tracks as diverse & breathtaking as the fellows mustaches. The jazzy touch, trademark of the band’s first discographic adventures can be found on tracks Extra Mile & Bleed On, Indisposed (feat. Cyph4) & Pretty Flaws are melancholic & dreamy ballads, whereas Family Show & Baby (feat ASM) are hip hop bangers. The LP travels through different styles, it also features several mc's (Tumi on Too Me, Taiwan Mc on Blocked) and surprises the ears by easily skipping from dub step fuelled rock & roll vibes, to sweet & sour ballads, and even funky disco sounds. With eclecticism, assumed diversity and an urge to tell a story, DELUXE invites his listeners to immerse in this first album’s universe, grooving, moving, bouncing, a real musical melting pot with various horizons.

1. Family Show
2. My Game
3. Too Me (feat. Tumi)
4. Pretty Flaws
5. Making Music
6. To Doop
7. Baby (feat. ASM)
8. Blocked (feat. Taiwan MC)
9. Indisposed (feat. Cyph4)
10. Bleed On
11. Daniel (feat. Youth Star)
12. Extra Mile
Available from 27.09.2013
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