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Thursday, Oct 17 2013 | 21:33
Image: 1584815 In a relatively short space of time Sato, Phobia and Tyrone's Chroma unit has become a by-word for discerning D&B quality. Following a series of key releases, and a slamming mix for Fabric, here we find them returning to Program with two more superb slices of dancefloor science. The next level beckons...

'Gindhouse' succinctly shows why the boys are in such high demand, imagine zooming down a long tunnel carved deep into a mountain made purely of bass. Lights flickering past flashing in the corner of your eyes, one dedicated direction, no obstacles - just pure hyper-speed clarity.

Nitro-boosted breakbeats, precision engineered bass droning with mass power, dipping and rising subtly raising every possible hair on your neck. Savage yet suave, 'Gindhouse' surges with every timeless rave nuance you can imagine. Trust us: this will sound just as heavy in 20 or 50 year's time as it does now.

'If You Only Knew' plays the perfect foil. Deeper and more soulful but just as powerful, it instantly engages with dreamy piano flurries and tight rolling percussion. A flicker of a yearning vocal follows before we’re suddenly enveloped by undiluted sub bass, humming with low-end luxury.

And so we continue... The sub develops a confident growl while very subtle synth elements make themselves known on the fills and poignant, emotive pads ease their way into the blend. A quintessential roller, this promises to take your floor far, far away to places they didn't know existed.

Showcasing two wholly different sides to their repertoire, this is Chroma's most accomplished release so far. It’s time, once again, to get with the Program.

A. Grind House
AA. If Only You Knew Available from 27.09.2013
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