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Thursday, Oct 10 2013 | 21:30
Image: 1584956 Anyone can punch you in the neck, a real champ would go for your neck, chin, gut and kidney, Pow! On your arse! Who goes to Maccy D's and just buys chips? No one. Fries, rings, sandwich and a diet beverage (for the careful calorie counters amongst us) It's all about combos...and four seems to be the magic number in combo circles. What could possibly trump the lady in Total Recall with three breasts? I Know! Nothing at all! ...except maybe one more breast. Four of the best!

Which is exactly what we have on the next Ghetto Funk EP. A combo of four tunes from four of our most shiniest, most sexiest, most deadliest of stars.

The Funkanomics bring the saws and drills and a look in their eye that suggests they will hold you down and either give you the best tattoos ever, or will push a stick between your teeth and remove a limb or possibly a spleen, before tickling you to near death with the uber-lovely 'Backyard Baby'. The Dancefloor Outlaws and JFB steal all the skank and the drum and the bass and hammer the sweet hell out of Desmond Dekker's 'Israelites'. Sir Timothy Wisdom cocks his hat to it's jauntiest of angles, meets you in the centre of the ring and challenges you to 'put em up'. Three minutes later you're begging your trainer to cut your eye and are wailing for Adrian! "Mama Said'. All the while Tom Drummond has been quietly lying in the grass keeping you well and truly in his sights. He takes careful aim, sets all his bass to 'bang' and pulls his trigger finger.

You can run, but you can't hide. Not from these four funky brutes.


1. Backyard Baby - Funkanomics
2. Israelites - JFB & Dancefloor Outlaws
3. Mama Said - Timothy Wisdom
4. Pressure Cooker - Tom Drummond Available from 20.09.2013
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