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Thursday, Sep 26 2013 | 15:31
Image: 1583674 It's always feels good when a Moton edit comes our way. But after their recent form, we weren't expecting this change of pace and to be frank, it was a bit of a shock.

Where's the sleek disco we've come to expect? Well, it's gone for a Burton to be replaced with a lead track from the Krautrock genre instead...

The opener, 'Die Dominas' takes the B-side of the original release by dance music's favourite German originators and makes it a bit franker and a bit less of a chugger. The vocals come in right away and while they subside eventually, leaving you with just those insistent organ stabs, their haunted Germanic monotones still have a bit of raw metallic funk to impart. It goes very discordant from another a third of the way through, as he German vocals kick back in, but things end up evening out and eventually this becomes a Krautrock stomper that could well work on the more leftfield dancefloor.

'The Big Chill' is, as you would expect, a break from the stridency of its predecessor and a nice slice of ambient that's all cooling sounds and rolling effects. The Balearic feel of the guitar here is deliberate, after that opener we all needed a bit of a cool down. Meanwhile, 'Moto-Vator' is a funk number that's totally welcome here for its summer vibes, smooth vocal and tropical drums, which you know have been given a touch-up by Diesel & Jarvis, because that's what they do best.

Next comes 'After Sound', which rolls out like the theme from a particularly scary theme park, all organ stabs, throbbing chords and drum-rolls that are very cinematic in their style. Finally, 'Skit 2'is a drum-anchored, warm wave of an ambient number, which, again, is quite timely after what's gone before it.


A1. Die Dominas
A2. Big Chill
A3. Skit 1
B1. Moto-Vator
B2. After Sound
B3. Skit 2 Available from 06.09.2013
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