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Daniel AveryDaniel Avery is doubtless one of the fastest rising players in the ever-lively London dance music scene. Though DJing internationally as well as holding down a Fabric residency consumes much of his time, recently it has been in the studio where Avery has started to fashion himself a distinctive, idiosyncratic creative voice.

For his Throne Of Blood release, Avery refines his analog aesthetic, achieving a beguiling minimal/maximal tension. Propelled by a thunderous bass drum, “Movement” gives way to a cavern-deep bassline, emotive chord work and adenoidal acid squelch. The pitched-down, hypnotic vocal mantra that punctuates the proceedings says all: this is indeed serious house music, designed to devastate.

“Light Into Dark” operates on a similar tip, with bubbling subs and dotted-eighth bass pulses establishing the groove whilst a shimmering, reverb-laden melodic synth swims through the upper frequencies. Meanwhile, “Flashlights” presents a different take on Avery’s subtle sense of melody. Building on a simple two-bar hook, Avery stacks melancholic stabs and delicate arpeggios for an emotional touch while a stutter-step kick drum pattern and snappy hi-hat work inject a healthy dose of funk.

Of the many voices championing Avery’s undeniable production talent, UK dance music godfather Andrew Weatherall stands a noteworthy enthusiast, so it was only appropriate that he lend his inimitable touch on remix duties. And his take on “Movement” will be sure to surprise even those who after all these years thought they had him figured out. All original elements present and accounted for, Weatherall subtly reworks the percussion and cranks down the tempo dial, in doing so radically redefining the notion of the “slow burner”. Indeed, this one burns and churns and unforgivingly so.

Daniel Avery Top 10 September 2013:

01. Daniel Avery – Need Electric (Phantasy Sound)
02. Ricardo Tobar – Hundreds (Desire Records)
03. Dauwd – Silverse (Ghostly International)
04. L/F/D/M – Tracer (Optimo Trax)
05. Daniel Avery – Naive Response (Danny Daze remix) (Phantasy Sound)
06. CT Trax – Redline (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
07. Ghost Culture – Red Smoke (Phantasy Sound)
08. Le Carousel – Broken (Felix Martin remix) (PK Recordings)
09. Frak – Kom Deluxe (Kontra-Musik)
10. Neville Watson – Against The Tide (Marquis Hawkes remix) (Crème Organization)

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