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Thursday, Aug 29 2013 | 15:31
Image: 1581567 After the well-received and genre-bending album that was last year's „Ky Do Mar“, Studnitzky makes another wise move: By inviting two of the most sought-after remixers at the moment to rework two of the album's tracks the German Jazz-trained trumpet and piano player shifts his music
smartly towards club land.
First we have one of the UK's key players in house music, Charles Webster, to complete the task of building „Evora“ into a dark and mesmerizing deep house monster. And it's literally building up and up, adding bit by bit over a super catchy, but still complex rhythm pattern. Finally Sebastian Studnitzky's trumpet is setting in and we are overjoyed by this masterpiece of hide and seek. To have an album out on Berlin's Sonar Kollektiv and not ask Paskal & Urban Absolutes to contribute a remix for this 12inch would have been a crime. Here's the reason why: The crazy-busy twosome still has so many ideas in store that they come up with one their best remixes ever. „Grandola“ gets a new shift-pulsing percussive beat which suits the guitar, trumpet and piano of the original perfectly. But it's also a sheer act of genius how Paskal & Urban Absolutes turn the song into a Balearic house breed with a jazzy edge. Don't sleep on this if you're about to dance on a beach or any other open air party! Available from 09.08.2013
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