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Thursday, Aug 08 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1581811 INFO :
After a new trip to New York and several collaborations on their respective projects (« NY Minute »
and « France's Finest NY Minute Remix » Dj Low Cut and mixtape « Bangtime » of Nutso) both
fellows decided to work on a common project: « In The Cut ».
Still inspired by mid-90s New York hip-hop, this albu is produced entirely by Dj Low Cut. Nutso is
not alone behind the microphone since you’ll found many guest appearances like Smiley The
Ghetto Child, Rasheed Chappell, Dirt Platoon, Timeless Truth, Nems, FT, AG da Coroner and
C-Rayz Walz.Like the song « Shut'Em Down » (a tribute to Public Enemy) or « Grand Scheme »,
the 10 tracks of « In The Cut », definitely boom bap, will bring you in a world where underground
hip-hop sharp lyrics, mingles with the melancholy samples soul 70's.

1. No Room For Snitches (feat. Dirt Platoon, Cuts
Dj Nix’On) [with DJ Nix’On]
2. Lock and Load (feat. Nems & F.T.)
3. F*cked Up Interlude
4. F*ck You (Cuts Dj Nix'On) [with DJ Nix’On]
5. Homicide Blocks (feat. Rasheed Chappell, AG
da Coroner, C-Rayz Walz & Smiley the Ghetto
6. Shut’Em Down
7. ‘Grand Scheme (feat. Timeless Truth, Cuts Dj
Modesty) [with DJ Modesty]
8. Blue Meth Interlude
9. Hollywood High (feat. C-Ray Walz & AG da
10. No Mc Without Dj, No Dj Without MC (feat. Dj
Nice, Koron, Lambo & K-Tone, Cuts Dj Nix'On)
{Bonus} Available from 19.07.2013
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