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Thursday, Aug 08 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1581816 Brandt Brauer Frick have made name for themselves producing
techno without the technology, using classical instruments
in preference to synthesizers and computers. It’s a negative
that’s had positive results. On the Berlin trios third album
‘Miami’, it’s again what Brandt Brauer Frick are not doing
that is once again important: they aren’t slavishly following
the formula of its two predecessors. “‘Mr Machine’ (2011's
sophomore album) the record made with the (ten piece classical)
ensemble, especially was very planned and strict,” says
Paul Frick. “We wanted to be more spontaneous this time. We
wanted to do something very different, more dark and more
rough. We wanted to write songs rather than tracks that
slowly evolve.”
Now they’ve delivered a solid 12” EP “Broken Pieces / Skiffle
It Up” remixed by Mouse On Mars, Dollkraut & Max Graef.
‘Broken Pieces feat. Jamie Lidell’ has been reworked by electronic
pioneers ‘Mouse On Mars’ – one of the few electronic
bands to stand the test of time “We synthesized every sound
bit from our organic friends BBF and tuned Jamie's voice to
the wrong pitch. Then we slowed down the tempo and had the
washing machine do the arrangement. The final edit was made
in a car while being on tour in the US, somewhere between the
red woods and Salt Lake city. may the promis live forever“
Andi & Jan (M.O.M)
“I made two very different remixes of the same track, combined
them and created a spacefunk classic“ Max Graef
“Broken Pieces, glued back together in a very melodic way
using some classic instruments, a lot of swing and Jamie...“
‘Broken Pieces’ features Jamie Lidell
Remixed by ‘Mouse On Mars’ / Dollkraut / Max Graef
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A1 - BROKEN PIECES feat. Jamie Lidell
A2 - BROKEN PIECES feat. Jamie Lidell
(Dollkraut Rework)
B1 - BROKEN PIECES feat. Jamie Lidell
(Mouse On Mars Technopromisis Remix)
B3 - SKIFFLE IT UP (Max Graef Remax) Available from 19.07.2013
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