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Wednesday, Jul 24 2013 | 03:31
Image: 1582130 Hot on the tails of his much discussed contribution to the latest edition of Tectonic Plates Volume 4, 'Talk', and following up from his debut EP on Tectonic last Autumn, the eponymously titled 'DECiBEL EP', Jay Fotaine, aka DECiBEL, comes correct with a powerhouse duo of techno-infused 140bpm cuts.

'Whirl' takes a giddying tone from the offset as it's fast, percussive drum machine hits build pace to militant and forceful effect - like a turbo-charged, mid-90s Richie Hawton cut, re-imagined by fresh ears. Woozy snare rolls crash in over the weighted subs, instantly lighting the dance floor on fire upon impact. Flip then for 'Poke', which retains the techno-retro themes of 'Whirl', layering up the percussive parts to dramatic effect as acid lines flit and flirt around them. The heat rises and builds, then drops to nothing for a brief, deceptive moment - crashing in again with off-kilter momentum. Both sides are wonky, woozy techno cuts at the 140bpm dubstep tempo - bursting with strange energy.


A. Whirl
AA. Poke Available from 12.07.2013
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