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Thursday, Jul 18 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1580654 After 2012’s “La Fin de L’espèce”, French Hip Hop producer Klub des Loosers returns with
“Last Days”, his first instrumental album (“Springtales released in 2010 was more a
collection of beats produced along the years).
“Last Days” was originally started in 2007 when Fuzati, realizing his time was less and less
dedicated to music, has developed a sort of obession : to create each night a new track.
Though every nights he recorded frenetically, drinking too much alcohol and taking too much
drugs, he kept this rhythm during 2 years then he started to suffer from serious cardiac
troubles … “Last Days” was laid aside for more than 2 years.
In 2012, Fuzati decided to take over his work on “Last Days” and finish it as this album,
largely inspired from his life, is one of his most dearest piece of work.

Face A :
1. Arrival
2. Special Guest
3. True Story
4. The Lab
5. Working Time
6. On Drugs
7. The Trip
8. Wet Dreams
9. On His Own Way
10. High Again
Face B :
11. Iron Birds
12. Anonymous
13. Workaholic
14. Recovery
15. Nervous Breakdown
16. The Declaration
17. Magic Pills
18. Alone
19. Prepared
20. Goodbye (The Heart Pulses) Available from 28.06.2013
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