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Tuesday, Jul 09 2013 | 15:28 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Richie StephensRefreshingly authentic is the phrase that comes to mind when listening to “Real Reggae Music” the latest offering from Richie Stephens. When Richie Stephens set out to make this album he knew exactly what it would take to make this as authentic as possible. It would mean collaborating with some of reggae music’s most renowned musicians, artistes and producers and this he did!

This fourteen-track album comprises songs produced by veteran producers Donovan Germain, Steelie and Clevie, Danny Brownie and collaborations with Bunny “Striker” Lee. Tracks like “I Found Heaven”, “Murdah”, “Set It Off”, “Jah Will Be Done” were taken from original authentic multitrack tapes of tracks produced by Bunny Lee during the late sixties into the early and late seventies. Producer Danny Brownie was able to transfer these tracks to a digital format and enhance the sound quality.

Some of the other tracks, which were recreations of some traditional reggae rhythms, are so authentically reproduced that it is almost impossible to tell that they have been redone. Additionally there is a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” produced by German newcomers Radiation Squad. The collaboration between Danny Brownie and Richie Stephens in writing most of the songs on the album has brought new life to the tracks. “Real Reggae Music” also features collaborations between Richie Stephens and internationally renowned reggae icons such as Daddy U Roy, Gentleman, Alborosie and Richie Campbell. This is a must have CD for all reggae enthusiast. Certainly “Real Reggae Music” at its best!


01. Real Reggae Music feat. Daddy U Roy
02. Murdah
03. Tougher Than Before
04. Knock Knock Knock
05. Set It Off
06. World Gone Mad feat. Gentleman and Alborosie
07. No Woman Nuh Cry
08. He’s Blocking Me
09. Loving You Means Everything
10. Where Are You
11. Rescue Me
12. True Believer in Love feat. Richie Campbell
13. I Found Heaven
14. Let Jah Will Be Done

The album Richie StephensReal Reggae Music” (Kingstone Records) has been released July 5, 2013.

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