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Thursday, Jun 27 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1581073 1. Tow Ride (Marcellus Pittman Remix) 2. North Hex (Orphx Mix) 3. Cellular Meltdown (BMG Club Edit)

Hexagon Cloud RMXD" celebrates the diverse influences of Erika's solo release "Hexagon Cloud" on Interdimensional Transmissions. Killer remix package!! Comes with a foil sticker...!
Marcellus Pittman is one of the deepest and most twisted artists that you could call a leader of Detroit House. His deft weaving of genres and influences and impeccable taste help his DJ sets transcend any boundaries, coming as pure party music backed with heavy thoughts. We first came to hear his music through the 3 Chairs and Rotating Assembly projects working with legends like Theo Parrish and Moodymann, but he broke out with a series of 12"es on his own label Unirhythm (recently collected on the album Pieces) that announced his unique vision, and he has been one of Detroit's deeper international representatives on the decks. He remixed the hypnotic "Tow Ride" from Erika's debut Solo album with a stated goal of making it darker and "more evil".

Orphx are Christina Sealey and Richard Oddie, Canadian electronic music duo now residing in Ontario. Since the mid-1990s, Oddie and Sealey have been creating unique fusion of techno, industrial, and electro-acoustic music. Orphx has gained an international following as one of the pioneering acts within the European “rhythmic noise” scene. They have performed in numerous countries around the world, appearing alongside artists such as Alva Noto, Laurie Anderson, Monolake, Pan Sonic and many others. Orphx has released nine full length albums and numerous singles (CD, vinyl and cassette) on such respectable labels as Hands Productions, Sonic Groove, Hymen and others. Their most recent work further develops a dark hybrid of techno, dub and industrial that has garnered critical acclaim from many leading DJs of techno. Their remix of Erika's "North Hex" is immense, featuring Richard's impeccable production and Christina's mythic modular.

BMG aka Brendan M Gillen is a founding member of Ectomorph and Interdimensional Transmissions. He has performed with Erika in numerous countries for over 15 years, and produced her solo LP. He shares his vision of her sound with this special mix / edit of the first in a series of songs that became her solo debut, the "Hexagon Cloud" 2xLP. "A Cellular Meltdown" debuted in another configuration on a digital only compilation on Paxahau's D-Records for last year's Movement festival, debuting on vinyl here. Available from 07.06.2013
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