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Thursday, Jun 13 2013 | 15:31
Image: 1579718 The record label Muggsy is not related to Muggsy Spanier, the legendary jazz cornettist. Nor is it connected to the tiny terror of the NBA, Muggsy Bogues. Neither, for that matter, is it linked to Cypress Hill DJ and producer DJ Muggs. Nope. It is, however, entirely related to the Brooklyn house firmament, HenryStreet. The man behind Henry Street is Johnny De Mairo, known among New York industry
heads simply as Johnny D, ergo he is also the chap responsible for Muggsy, which is why we are here.
Born and bred in Brooklyn (and proud of that fact), Johnny D has been a DJ,record and autograph collector from the moment he had some spare cash. He got his first break in the music industry working for Vince Pellegrino’s S.I.N., before moving on to work for Atlantic Records, with whom he was associated for many years.
He first launched Henry Street in 1993, followed a few years later by Muggsy.Henry Street became known for a sound deeply rooted in the disco that Johnny De Mairo loves and collects while still taking care of dancefloor business.
Muggsy was his chance to branch out into other areas. “Initially, I had intended for Muggsy to be the harder more ‘tribal-type’ label and keep the soulful stuff for Henry Street. So when Chris ‘TKC’ Staropoli came to me with ‘Back Jack’ I figured that was the best time for Muggsy to begin as it was a bit tribal but, more than that, pushed the envelope a bit more than my regular releases on Henry Street.“, recalls Johnny D.
With a collection of like-minds gathered around the De Mairo table recording for the label, some of them New York cohorts (Kenny Dope, Brutal Bill), with Chicago’s Ralphi Rosario, Robbie Rivera from Puerto Rico and Miami’s Mike ‘Da Mooch’ Mucci, Muggsy released a string of tracks that ploughed a differentfurrow to big daddy Henry Street. But the Muggsy groove still retained the sample-based ethos (and disco roots) of its proprietor Johnny D The Muggsy Story is a document of a special time in New York history, before the gentrification of New York made party-throwing a guerilla activity, rather than the core of its musical soul. Muggsy, we salute you.

• Johnny D A&R’d at Atlantic records where he commissioned and was responsible for big hits such as “Missing” by Everything But The Girl, “Professional Widow” by Tori Amos and “The Boss” by The Braxtons along with hundreds of other releases. He also produced the compilation/remix project “Ashford & Simpson – The Warner Bros. Years: Hits, Remixes & Rarities”
• This is the 4th in a series of albums curated by Johnny D that tells the history of the halcyon days of dance music
• Johnny D is available for interviews and guest mixes

Tracklisting CD
1.TKC - Back Jack (Original Mix)
2.Brutal Bill presents The Funkryders - Woman of Angels (Whiskey-A-Go-Go Mix)
3.Brutal Bill presents Soul Function - Do You Know About Love (Club Mix)
4.Da Mooch - Twist The Knob (Original Twist)
5.Kenny "Dope" Presents DBX - And There Aint (Troopa’s Deep Mix)
6.Johnick presents The Sopranos - Is It Really Real
7.Johnick presents The Sopranos - First & Henry
8.Brutal Bill presents Disko-Tek EP - The Disko-Tek
9.Da Mooch - That's What It Is
10.Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me (Salsa Mix) Available from 24.05.2013
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