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Thursday, Jun 13 2013 | 15:31
Image: 1581054 MCDE proudly presents the debut works of 22 year-old Canadian, Michael Gracioppo. Featuring a remix from Fred P (Mule / Underground Quality)..very limited edition.
The label's first 10-inch is headed by My So-Called Friends-the Montrealer’s deeply personal ode to an over-indulgent past lover.

The fluid drum work and violent bass line sit alongside the words of a punkesque inspired vocal sample. My So-Called Friends tells the story of a sincere and vulnerable young woman facing an inner battle between excessiveness
and self-restraint. “These drugs they are making me so sad I can't stop taking them.”

A2 is a testament of Gracioppo's focus on maintaining a balance between songwriting and sound design.
Sailing unpredictably back and forth in tempo, A2 has been left untitled so as not to taint the piece.

Enlisted on remix duties, the always excellent Fred P flawlessly Reshapes Gracioppo's A1 into a hymn suited for the early morning comedowns.
Fred P’s vibrant pads resonate up and down in frequency and wrap the wavering vocal in warmth and comfort. Available from 24.05.2013
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