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Thursday, Jun 13 2013 | 21:32
Image: 1581171 For those who know the story of the Bridge Wars, there’s some irony found in the
fact that Scott La Rock, representing the South Bronx, was born in Queens, though
he did relocate to the South Bronx at a very young age. After graduating high school
La Rock spent four years in Vermont at Castleton College where he earned varsity
letters in basketball, but more importantly for the world of hip hop he became more
and more enamored with music. On graduation he returned to New York and began
working as a DJ and as a social worker at the Franklin Armory Men’s Shelter in the
Bronx. It was at the shelter that Scott met Kris Parker and the duo formed Boogie
Down Productions. The rest, as they say, is history.
Roughly a year after the tragic shooting death of Boogie Down Productions founder,
DJ and producer Scott La Rock B Boy Records and KRS-One issued this special
remix album, A Man And His Music (Remixes From Around The World). Billed as a
Limited Edition Collector’s Classic the project was released in a limited run – briefly
available in the 90s – and now after years of being unavailable reappears as a
tribute to one of the genre’s early pioneers.

1. Advance
2. Poetry #1
3. BDP Medley #5
4. Word #8
1. Doc Mix
(Criminal Minded)
2. Poetry #3
4. Criminal Minded #9
1. Red Alert (Criminal Minded)
2. Super Hoe #4
3. BDP Medley #7
4. BDP Medley #11
1. D-Nice Rocks The House
2. Poetry #2
3. Criminal Minded #6
4. ? #10 Available from 24.05.2013
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