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Friday, Jun 07 2013 | 15:30
Image: 1581110 New Zealand's Truth - the duo of Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake - put an expansive, cinematic twist on the deeply rooted sounds of pure dubstep. Crushing bass pressure and all-pervading sensations of dread remain the hallmarks of their sound, but previous releases through Tempa, Deep Medi and Disfigured Dubz have also been steeped in soft-focus melody and meditative atmospheres. That's made them distinctive, glimmering highpoints in DJ sets by dubstep scene figurehead Youngsta, as well as the likes of Digital Mystikz and Hatcha.

*Devil's Hands is the duo's second release for Tempa, following 2011's Dreams, and offers a pair of intricate, smoky and ocean-deep dancefloor riddims. 'Devil's Hands' plays off a delicious tension between sweet and sinister: beautiful, chiming melodies abruptly plunge downward into great chasms of sub-bass, with percussion stripped away to leave the fewest possible elements needed to make bodies move.

'I Belong' pushes that dichotomy to even further extremes: a stunningly minimalist, pulsing backdrop is paired with a sung vocal from Yayne. She drifts buoyant and elegant in the midrange, carried along in the track's slipstream, while piano melodies and tendrils of melodic fog gradually unfurl around her.
Available from 20.05.2013
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