Friday, Jun 07 2013 | 15:30
Image: 1581270 Limited glow in the dark double 10” vinyl, flourescent sleeve & free CD of full album.

After the incredible success of the recent Fall EP, Inside Recordings offers you an invitation to share an evening with the masterful Naibu.

The man’s talent knows absolutely no bounds, as he presents the Never Released project. The album features a selection of tracks from his back catalogue, which have never seen the light of day on any other release.

Right from the opening strains of 2006’s It’s Gonna Take A Long Time, you know you are in for something very, very special. The art and artistry of the Parisian producer is something to behold and treasure, as he teases elements out of his music like no other. Precision, soul and solidarity in equal measure.

Naibu’s music is emotional, forthright and technically brilliant. Beats are precision-perfect (Deeply Wounded, from 2005), layers are added in all the right places (2006’s Morning Calm), to create sound images which flit between the waking day and the universe of dreams. Naibu is always in control, knowing exactly where he is going, and where he is leading you. Just check Broken Dreams if you want proof of how he is able to build you up, and take you away, all through the power of his music.

From the pure amen shakes of Ramen and Dizzy, to the wide open spaces of Aurora, and the Eastern flavours of Hana and Seoul (Scorpio version), Never Released moves through a multitude of feelings, flows and vibes, never once missing a beat. Naibu’s ability to both shape and transform means that the tracks are constantly evolving, and repeated listens will open new windows onto new worlds.

Inside Recordings are the name to watch. Release after release is capturing the crowds’ imaginations, stirring souls and increasing awareness of the great sounds which are out there. The Never Released album is up there with their best output to date – do not miss out on this one.

Tracklist: a) It’s Gonna Take A Long Time (2006), b) Broken Dreams (2006), c) Rita (2006), d) Seoul (Scorpio Version) (2006) Available from 20.05.2013
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