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Friday, Jun 07 2013 | 15:30
Image: 1580391 What an entrance! Cementing their exclusive signing with Ram Records, Dutch/Anglo duo June Miller have delivered two of their deadliest weapons to date for their debut single. This is no mean feat, with a career that includes well respected labels such as Horizons, Commercial Suicide, DSM and Rubik, June Miller’s track record is spotless… And now it’s about to go next level.

‘Autumn To Ashes’ is truly unique. A word that’s far too overused in dance music, this really is one of a kind, and you’ll understand that the moment those crisp guitar plucks bid you a cold welcome. Spooky sonics a go-go, it’s the moment in a B-movie horror where the cute college girls split up in the woods to find their way home. It’s a white knuckle ride on a rickety ghost train. It’s a run through the fog on a mystical winter’s morning when you really should be in bed. It’s the same fine-tuned balance of hunchback punk and laser-locked bass the duo last showcased on Ram just over a year ago with the equally unique guitar-busting floor-blazer ’64 Thousand Dollar’.

Naturally ‘Change’ acts as the perfect foil. Dutch singer Sofie Letitre’s vocals stop you dead in your tracks, surging, urging and distinctive. June Miller have brought the very best out in her as they ruthlessly lay the sub-frequency smack down beneath. Searing and tearing, the bass cuts through the mix like with razor-like charm while the weighty kicks double up at will, tripling on the fills for added drama. We’re talking serious peaktime bizzle here, your crowd won’t know what to do with themselves when this drops but go crazy! By the time June Miller’s trademark strong-arm build up ignites you’ll have nothing but shuddering bass casualties.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… What an entrance! Expect plenty more unique material from June Miller on Ram Records in the very near future.

Tracklist: A. From Autumn To Ashes AA. Change Feat. Sofie Letitre Available from 20.05.2013
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