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Friday, Jun 07 2013 | 21:31
Image: 1581268 Having enjoyed the honour of launching the label last summer with the highly acclaimed ‘Firethorn’ and ‘Pandorum’, Frankee’s doubled his dynamite with no less than four dancefloor-focussed slices of absolute bass gold. Showcasing his creative range with depth and clarity, every element on this EP is coated in a robust sense of timeless drum & bass magic and melody: Nodding at the scene’s rich past, while pushing us as far into the future as possible, each cut will quickly find its way to the very top of your playlist.

We launch with ‘Harlequin’, a purring roller that’s devilishly simple but demonically effective. A groaning bassline and tubular subs vie for your attention as the steppy riddim drills the message home with such razor-sharp punctuation, each additional percussive element that’s added as the track develops causes major chaos.

Next-up ‘Paranormal’. An instant hair-raiser, the quintessential pitched down pianos conjure up 25 years of rave heritage in one simple reverberated strike. Then, before nostalgia kicks in too much, in fires a scorching bassline that grizzles and kicks its way through the mix with uncompromising menace. If you thought the low-end growls of Frankee’s previous release were stuff of legend, just wait until you hear this bass behemoth!

‘Saffron’ follows. Oozing low-end luxury and a swift, skippy riddim, it’s an instant groove massage laced with floating vocal textures and emotive, ethereal pads. An instant hypnotiser, it instantly flies your floor to places they didn’t even know existed. Paying respect to the expensive, aromatic delicacies of its namesake, ‘Saffron’ more than lives up to its name.

Finally we hit ‘Flintstone’. Concluding this epic tale with a wry grin, it’s the perfect balance of deep, dark rollage and subtle humour. The overwhelmingly warm sub squiggles, icy pads and textured percussive dynamics make this track a must for all record boxes!

Tracklist: A. Harlequin B. Paranormal C. Saffron D. Flintstone
Available from 20.05.2013
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