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Thursday, Jun 06 2013 | 09:30
Image: 1579900 Producer/multi-instrumentalist Stefan "Merse" Ulrich and
singer/songwriter Neve aka Alexa Voss are Neve Naive. And with
"The Inner Peace Of Cat And Bird" they just released on Sonar
Kollektiv one of the most astonishing debut albums of the year.
The first single off the album, “Dancer”, is now being released
with three remixes – each of them as particular as inspiring. On
the A side you get the one by Superluminal. After the three guys
from Warsaw, Fabian, Greg and Cbass, have provided their typical
funky sound to the remix of Jazzanova's “I Human” last year, they
were eventually first choice for a rework of “Dancer”. The track now
even more makes you get a move on and grooves thanks to a fresh
rhythm guitar and added percussion right across the dance floor with
a big feisty grin.
Paskal & Urban Absolutes also want to squeeze the funk out of the
track. As you know funk appears in different shapes and forms
though. The one by the remixing duo of the hour comes in much
more sec and impulsive. The arrangement has been totally disposed
as well – everything pointing towards 5 o'clock in the morning, the
time when sweat and tears of joy start to blend.
The third remixer isn't a new name in Sonar Kollektiv's stable as
well. Moscow based Phil Gerus belongs, next to Paskal & Urban
Absolutes, to the uprising shooting stars of the label. He owes
less to the dance floor than to the things that happen afterwards,
after a long night out. His remix of “Dancer” displays again
impressively why he is one of the leading spearheads of chillwave.
The original is put through the mill so drastically that in the end only
the essence of it is left over. And in a medicative way or so this just
feels so damn good.
Available from 17.05.2013
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