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Sunday, Jun 02 2013 | 21:32
Image: 1581095 Andrew Tweedale and James Evans are Amoss, and, together with Horizons Music, invite you to take a trip inside the universe of Tangent.

Tangent is the latest in a succession of high quality releases, coming as it does after sessions for Dispatch, Renegade Hardware and now, Horizons. As with the rest of their output, Tangent, which is backed with the Geode remix, shows off their technical abilities and their unifying desire to move the crowd. Their mutual love of music, and early experience in a range of bands, has transmogrified into a searing, urgent awareness of what is funky and groovy in d&b. Tangent, in the two forms on show here, will only increase their visibility and star status within the scene.

The original version is classic Amoss. Building slowly and deliberately, the anticipation increases with every second. You’re still on edge as the track rolls along, with melody intertwining with some smooth percussion, after the drop. The beat moves in later on, with some 80s–style synth work going on. Amoss prove that they are not just the angry young men of their techstep output, with some soul breaking through the multiple samples which will make Tangent one for the thinkers out there.

Geode flips the script with a remix which offers a glitch, glimmering take on the track. Again working up slowly, Geode adds in clicks, ticks and a stuttering, skittering drum beat. The effect is different, but the dreamlike, almost filmic nature of the original is maintained. A really different spin on Tangent is captured through the remix, as it weaves and twists between your ears.

Amoss present a varied, unique approach to music, and always have a fresh, undaunted sound to their tracks. Tangent is the best example yet of this young duo’s work and with Horizons representing all that is exciting about bass music in 2013, you better get yourselves on this Tangent now.
Available from 13.05.2013
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