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Sunday, Jun 02 2013 | 21:32
Image: 1581096 After only two years since their first release on Cyclone, Amoss have become one of the most exciting and forward thinking names in drum & bass. A love of music stretching back into both their pasts, the duo have amazed audiences across the globe with the style, panache and variation which has characterised their work. Taking a lead from names such as Renegade Hardware and Moving Shadow, James and Andrew have successfully moulded their influences into a futuristic, genre-defining sound.

Now they are ready to step up a notch, delivering a new release for the mighty Horizons label. Bumbaclart and Dilate will go a long way to cementing their reputation for big, bad and heavy d&b, which has seen them being supported by Spectrasoul, London Elektricity, Storm, Loxy and more. Amoss are known for their involving, evolving blend of beats and bass and their in-depth knowledge of the technical side of production, and the two tracks on show here are markers of their intention, in two markedly different ways.

Bumbaclart is a deep, dark look into a Jamaican-inspired nightmare. Claustrophobic, mind-melding atmospherics surround a spoken intro, before a deceptively simple beat/bass dichotomy kicks in later on. An explanation of the meaning of the word is surrounded by pounding, groove-fuelled melodies, leaving you reeling and reaching for more. Amoss build worlds with everything they do, and they do this expertly on Bumbaclart.

Dilate, meanwhile, builds from an initial electric pulse to a steady-growing groover, by way of some neat percussion. The underlying pulse gets louder, invading your mind, as layers are added on top. Amoss’s sound is addictive, almost catching you unawares with its complexity and artistry.

Amoss are *the* name in d&b for experimentation, progression and fiercely original music. Teaming up with Horizons, they are going to be BIG. Get on board now. Available from 13.05.2013
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