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Friday, May 24 2013 | 00:31
Image: 1580515 Late Night Tales introduces a tangent to the timeline of the esteemed artist curated compilation series with 'After Dark': a DJ led, club focused mix which - as expert compiler Bill Brewster describes - "is dance music for people who know how to make love". After Dark. It's New York at 4am with the lights off and the strobes flaring. It's a Dalston basement with slow chugging basslines propelling a dancefloor. It's a starlit night on the coast of Croatia with glittery girls and burnished boys grooving to 110bpm anthems. It's great dance music with the Bosh-O-Meter turned to 0. If you want pounding trance, Lance, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want a drop, break or explosion every 16 bars, then Swedish House Mafia is that way. This is music for dancers who know to move. It's slow release carbs, with a startlingly high pleasure count. We're starting slow and staying that way. Groove is in the art.

Unearthed gems include a brilliant Padded Cell mix of the Doves that's thus far remained in the CD wallets of the lucky few, a previously unreleased remix of the magnificent Twin Sister, TBS ft. Jamalski, a brilliantly off the wall Joakim production, plus the rare-as-hen's-teeth mega disco tune 'Love The Way You Love Me' by Yorkshire's finest diva-comic Marti Caine.

A1: MARTI CAINE - Love The Way You Love Me (Remastered)

For anyone under 30, the Marti Caine won't mean much, but the those of slightly longer of tooth, will recall her as the winner of New Faces (a sort of seventies X-Factor), beating off victoria Wood and Lenny Henry. Although she did record several albums and as is evident here, she had a terrific voice, she was primarily known as a stand-up comic. The song was produced by Barry Blue who was responsible for several disco hits during this period (and also a pop star in his own right in the glam rock era). Marti sadly died of cancer in 1995 at the age of 51.

A2: DOVES - Compulsion (Padded Cell Mix) (Previously Unreleased) Well, we all know Doves, and their former incarnation Sub Sub, as one of Manchester’s finest exports with a fine line in beautifully crafted songs and the occasional outbreak of Balearia ('Space Face' by Sub Sub, for instance). 'Compulsion' is culled from their last studio album, 2009's Kingdom Of Rust and Padded Cell's previously unreleased mix has been knocking about since then, patiently waiting for us to be able to present it to you here.

B1: TWIN SISTER - All Around And Away We Go (Hotel Motel Mix) (Previously Unreleased) Recently, Twin sister are perhaps as well known for Kendrick Lamar's appropriation of their song 'Meet The Frownies' as anything else, but they've so far released two very good albums, the last, In Heaven, on Domino. Based in Long Island, All Around And Away We go was their debut single for the UK indie and this Hotel Motel remix, is previously unreleased.

B2: TBS FT. JAMALSKI - Extraterrestrial Manoeuvres In The Dark (unavailable on vinyl) One of very few original tracks that appeared on the brilliant and influential Tigersushi compilation More G.D.M. that came out in 2002. It was produced by Joakim Bouaziz in collaboration with Jamalski and is our favourite slice of modern hip hop. We wish Joakim would do more, in fact. Available from 03.05.2013
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